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Client FAQ


What are the two types of sessions?

Our most popular session by far is the custom, signature session, and it is the session most clients have experienced through the years. We now also offer simplicity mini sessions on select dates each month in our studio or at a nearby park.

What happens when I schedule a session?

After booking and holding a date with your session fee, you will receive a brief questionnaire where I'll get to know a bit about you, your family, your ideal session, and more. What do you enjoy doing together as a family?  What details of “ordinary” life feel extraordinary to you and worthy of capturing forever?  For instance, I had a client communicate how much the family enjoys “backyard adventures,” with the boys exploring while mom gardens, so we tailored the session to reflect this love. Maybe we’ll document the fun that ensues when Fifi gets a bath, when dad puts down the Blackberry to join a very important tea party, or when everyone pauses for story time in the master bedroom. Still other sessions capture just a "typical morning" around the house with maybe a few bubbles thrown in.

Where does the session take place?

Most sessions take place at your home or another location that is meaningful to you. Clients often say, “but my home doesn’t look like the ones on your website!” and feel that everything must be perfectly decorated and, well, perfect. Please know that just outside the frame in many of my images were toys that didn’t get put away, a patch of lawn in the midst of being landscaped, or a pile of laundry that understandably didn’t quite find its way into a drawer the first week baby arrived.   If your session takes place at the studio, I'll take special care to make sure that the children are comfortable in their new surroundings.

What should I wear?

When you book you'll receive a {what to wear} style guide that offers wardrobe inspiration and I'm always happy to help you choose outfits from among your favorites, whether they are brought along to a studio session or we delve into the closet together at home. The biggest rule to remember is to be yourself and to be comfortable! Also, ideally, the wardrobe choices will look at home in the rooms where wall portraits will be displayed.

What is the investment?

Signature session clients generally reserve anywhere between $1500 and $6000 for their session. This amount allows them to have each of the images from their gallery in an exquisite handmade album as well as wall art including gallery wrap canvases and high-resolution digital images with reprinting rights.  Those clients electing a simplicity studio mini-session typically reserve between $550 and $1100 for their portrait experience. I realize that custom portraiture is an investment and am honored when clients choose me to create artwork for their family.  After all, our portraits are one of the few significant purchases we make that will someday be owned and cherished by the very subjects in them! In other words, my daughter will likely never own my Prius or want my much-loved Miele vacuum, but she will adore the portraits of our family all the days of her life, as will her children’s children.