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Artist Statement:
In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. - Abraham Lincoln

Laying in a hospital bed, head bandaged, one son, another on the way, father recently passed… This was the start of my 2006 and it was certainly a wake up call, letting me know you best make the most of this short time you have on this planet. As a result, this was also the year I decided to take an interest, a hobby and make something meaningful of it.  

Photography for me, like life, has been a journey. It started out with people, children in particular. I wanted to capture those special moments and give those that love them a way to preserve those raw, heartfelt moments and cherish them forever.  

As I’ve grown in life I’ve also realized I needed to put myself first from time to time. That is if I wanted to be here for the ones I love. I changed from that geeky gamer that played video games into all hours of the night into a person that wanted to enjoy their surroundings and the outdoors more. In doing this, my camera went with me and I started capturing those special places and moments in time. 

Fast forward to 2018, I now have three amazing (insanely challenging but totally worth it) boys and while I continue to provide portrait services to a select few clients every year, my photography now mainly consists of the outdoors. Most weekends you are likely to find me traveling the western United States taking in those iconic locations and searching for those unique unpopulated ones. 


About The Name:
The name TEN SIX comes from some of my biggest joy and inspiration... My three boys... It is derived from their birth months October (TEN) and June (SIX).


Thanks for visiting - Justin